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Ditch The Food Guilt

Do You Suffer From Food Guilt?

I believe there should be no guilt when it comes to eating.

True, it’s healthier overall to eat strawberries 🍓 instead of an ice cream 🍨 sundae.

However, it does not make ice cream 🍦 a lousy choice.

Nourishing your body is about BALANCE. Embrace that strategy, and you’ll not have food guilt.

Let’s face it: an ice cream 🍨 sundae has more calories and less nutritional benefit than strawberries 🍓 , but OMG, it’s so DELICIOUS! Right? Here’s the deal – it’s ok to eat foods that don’t contribute to your nutritional goals or diet. But, make sure when you eat it that you enjoy every moment and savour it.

FACT – one single food will not ruin your diet as long as you are not eating ice cream as your dinner every night.

How about a principle similar to the 80:20 rule? Then there should be no guilt about enjoying ice cream or whatever dessert or so-called naughty food you desire. Instead, 20% of the time, eat as you wish.

Life is there to be enjoyed and savoured. Just don’t forget the BALANCE ⚖️ about 80% of the time.

Set a direction and not aim for perfection.