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I’m Sabrina Zeif, the Midlife Food Guru, helping you nourish your body and build a healthy relationship with food.
Midlife brings with it experience, wisdom and understanding. For women, turning forty can also coincide with hormonal changes, mood swings and wellbeing issues and these can continue into your fifties. My own experience of the perimenopause and the menopause drove me to research and learn more and has empowered me to help others. My mission is to demystify, enlighten and prepare women on what to expect in a light-hearted and entertaining manner but with smart nutrition and lifestyle advice. I will arm you with expert knowledge to take control of your health by encouraging you to put yourself first and focus on what your body needs so you can make smarter food choices.

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge is power! Sabrina wants to share her experience, expertise and knowledge with you to help you not just survive but thrive in your 40’s and 50’s. Check back regularly for new ideas, blogs, articles, book recommendations, interviews, podcasts and so much more.

Work with Sabrina

You can work with Sabrina one-to-one and really focus on how to improve your weight balance, gut health, nutrition, mood and sleep patterns. Sabrina also holds regular online and in person workshops. 
If you want an engaging, entertaining or educational speaker, you can book Sabrina for your next event, bespoke company training or health programme. Her insights are based on over 25 years in health education, nutrition and menopause management.

Sabrina's Recipes

Nutritionally balanced, great tasting recipes for midlife women because Sabrina believes a menopause diet is not about deprivation, it’s one of nourishment that makes you feel good about yourself and your body.
Truth is, I’ve had a fairly warped relationship with food ever since I can remember and after 30 years+ of disordered eating and then more recently coming into perimenopause, I felt totally resigned. And, despite the fact that I’d seen therapists in the past, I continued to struggle when it came to implementing and sustaining good habits.
Things finally began to shift when I met Sabrina. Sabrina became my north star for all things nutrition. The combination of her expertise, wisdom and deep intuition made her approach to nutritional therapy potent.
Sabrina took me under her wing and she was able to help me cut through deep mental barriers. She was able to help me accept myself, where I was in my life and most crucially, she was able to help me to internalise the fact that nutrition is more than food. She helped me understand that food is both life-force and a pleasure to be enjoyed – and on a practical level - she helped me to implement changes specific to my own needs.
Today I'm a different person. I'm still on my journey but I'm finally learning a new way and I don't know where I'd be without her.
Thank you so so much for showing up for me Sabrina.
If you know you need support in altering your relationship with food and in building new habits and routines around food to help you feel better inside and out - you’ve struck gold.