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Midlife & Menopausal Women Don’t Ditch The Beans.

Beans and lentils are a midlife woman’s go-to superfoods. 

Some facts about beans and lentils : 

🔹Rich in phytoestrogens which can help control symptoms such as hot flushes.

🔹Good sources of iron and magnesium, which are essential for energy and bone health & sleep. 

🔹Excellent source of plant-based protein, which we need in higher quantities as we lose muscle mass.

🔹Rich in soluble fibre, they are the perfect food for our gut bacteria. 

The gut microbiome impacts our moods, immunity, hormones, and so much more. 

Gas and bloating is the number one complaint made by midlife women. 

Hang in there as the increased gas usually lasts a few weeks, as long as your intake remains consistent.

Top Tips

🔸Start slowly – introduce one at a time and in small quantities if new to you 1/4 cup 2-3 times a week.

🔸Try a variety of beans and lentils – they do not all have the same effect.

🔸Rinse well before eating, even if using canned beans.

🔸If using dried beans, soak overnight.

🔸Cook beans until soft.

🔸Chew slowly and savour your beans. Eat alongside lots of vegetables.

🔸Use digestive spices ― in India, they cook ginger, turmeric and sometimes fennel and asafetida with beans to make them more digestible.

Ways To Include Beans & Lentils Into Your Diet

🔸Add to salads, soups and stews

🔸Add to bolognese and pasta sauces

🔸Add to rice, pasta, quinoa or potatoes

🔸Make a bean dip

🔸Make a bean burger or add to meat burger

🔸Make a three-bean salad with lemon, parsley and coriander

🔸Chick pea and red pepper hummus – made from scratch

🔸Add to wraps

The options are limitless.