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Consultations, Workshops, Keynote Speaker & Media Articles

Sabrina brings an evidence-based approach to support individuals, groups, workplaces and well-being specialists to understand or manage hormonal changes and menopause symptoms. Her Midlife Food Guru Nutrition programmes and no nonsense advice inspire women in midlife who want to be the best they can be but don't know where to start.

She also gives expert advice to companies, organisations, the media and other health and well-being practitioners who want to support women going through perimenopause or menopause.

Due to current COVID-19 conditions, Sabrina offers video consultations to help women everywhere. Click below to book a free consultation call.

Individual Consultations - Menopause, Midlife and Nutrition

Nutritional therapy aims to help individuals achieve their optimal level of health. Each of us has different nutritional needs based on our unique make up, diet and lifestyle. Nutritional therapy attempts to address these needs by supplying the body with the appropriate nutrients from a tailor-made diet programme.

No woman needs to tolerate uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. Women are conditioned to suffer in silence even when they feel like they are falling apart. There is no need to struggle alone. It is amazing how making a few changes to eating and lifestyle habits can massively improve your health and menopause symptoms. Sabrina’s individual tailored programme is not a one-size fits all approach and takes into account your lifestyle, stress levels and even your love or hate of cooking.

Online Workshops – How to Have a Positive Midlife and Menopause

Coming soon

You don't need to make this journey alone.

Sabrina will be arranging regular group online course via zoom or face to face workshops focusing on coaching, shared experiences, the latest nutritional advice and simple nutritional recipes.
If you are looking for an engaging, entertaining or educational speaker about food, nutrition and menopause management then contact Sabrina. She regularly speaks at conferences, workshops, events, business meetings, health groups or provides expert advice for panel discussions.

Sabrina will draw on well supported information and tailor a session that is both warm and refreshing for your audience. Her insights are based on over 25 years in health education and additional training in nutrition and menopause management.

For further information please contact Sabrina and register your interest

Consultancy - Menopause at Work

More and more organisations are recognising the need to provide practical advice and support addressing the menopause.

This taboo subject is not widely spoken about and yet affects most women between the ages of 40 and 60. Most women suffer in silence, never taking a day of sick but experiencing a wide range of symptoms including brain fog, forgetfulness and lack of self-confidence.

Sabrina can provide well researched but light-hearted presentations or webinars for all staff followed by informal discussion sessions in small groups. This can be coupled with one to one sessions with expert diet, nutrition and lifestyle advice, face to face or online.

Presentations, workshops and webinars are also available for employers, managers or HR professionals to give advice on how to support employees experiencing menopause and how to raise awareness, draw up a menopause policy and create a menopause-friendly workplace.

Media Enquiries – Women’s Health Expert on Menopause, Midlife and Nutrition

Sabrina has written many articles and been interviewed on TV, radio and in podcasts sharing her expertise in menopause and midlife.

For all enquiries, brand collaborations and article commissions, please get in touch