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MENOPAUSE Q & A with Dr Ferhat Uddin, Menopause GP

The menopause affects all women and can have significant consequences both on wellbeing and later health problems. Despite this, many women are unaware of the effects and are confused about the benefits and risks of treatment. This short series of questions looks at some of the key areas women need to be aware of when […]


A Menopause GP’s Perspective By Dr Ferhat Uddin, Menopause GP Specialist In my journey to becoming a menopause doctor, I have come across some inspirational stories and tragic ones. I’ve seen women giving up careers or struggling in relationships and others who have beat their symptoms and thrived. Midlife is a time to celebrate achievements […]


My experiences have led me to be on a mission to educate and help women from as early as their mid 30's to be aware of hormonal changes and their effects. I tell women how they can recognise changes early and make simple adjustments to diet, exercise and lifestyle to adapt to midlife hormonal changes