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Caribbean Herb Rub

  • Author: Sabrina Zeif


The flavours of the Caribbean go beyond salt and pepper.

No Caribbean household ‘pot’ is complete without the generous presence of this green magic. This is what gives Caribbean food so much depth and flavour. It is used in literally everything.



1 bundle fresh coriander (2 cups with stems)

1 bunch parsley (1 cup stems removed)

1 bunch thyme (3/4 cup stems removed)

5 spring onions

1012 pegs garlic

50g fresh ginger

1 red chilli pepper

12 lime or lemons juiced

1 teaspoon salt


Peel, trim and wash the ingredients.

Chop herbs into smaller pieces.

Add all the ingredients into a food processor or blender to pesto or chunky seasoning rub.

This healthy seasoning has no additives, food colouring, chemicals and preservatives.

Use this herb seasoning on all kinds of meats and seafood. Boost flavour in stews, soups, curries, rice, pasta and vegetables.



Green seasoning is a crucial ingredient and quintessential element behind Caribbean cooking. Almost every island has their own blend of this seasoning. Made with simple ingredients like onions, garlic, peppers, ginger and a few herbs. Or it can be more complex with the addition of more herbs